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          Earn a Leadership and Ethics Certification at pg真人电子平台



          These are among the most demanded skills in business and society today, and you can acquire and refine them with a Leadership & Ethics Certificate from pg真人电子平台. Ethics are essential to strong leadership. This certificate will demonstrate that you have what it takes to be an effective leader in modern organizations, public and private, for-profit, and not-for-profit alike.


          Leaders are valued based on their ability to make evidence-based decisions. Every course in the Leadership & Ethics Certificate is founded in the art and science of decision-making. We use case-study and problem-solving scenarios so you can learn and practice these skills in a highly interactive learning environment.

          Learn in online, in-person, or hybrid environments. GMAT exams are not required to enter this program. The certificate comprises 3 courses (9 credits) that can be obtained as a stand-alone certificate or as a concentration in pg真人电子平台’s ACBSP accredited Master of Business Administration Program. If you choose, all 9 credits earned in achieving your Leadership & Ethics Certificate are transferable into our MBA Program.


          Courses in the Leadership & Ethics Certificate include:

          • 道德领导力
          • 领导理论与实践
          • 行政决策
          • 在领导力和道德专题最近的专题课程已包括团队领导力和执行战略。

          What makes the Leadership & Ethics Certificate at pg真人电子 special?


          • 参加课程在线上或人在7个星期的格式,所以你仍然可以全职工作。
          • 完成证书不到1年
          • 应用 your Leadership & Ethics Certificate (9 credits) toward our MBA degree.


          • 完整的 网上申请.
          • 没有GMAT考试或先修课程要求
          • 申请人必须具有学士学位。
            • 成绩单是必需的。
            • 如果目前就读学士学位课程,从各高校和你参加的大学成绩单是必需的。有条件的接受会发出程度的等待完成。


          现在招收 - 开始在我们的任何即将到来的条款!

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