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          JULY 20

          COVID-19 Alert

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          Constellation pg真人电子, pg真人电子's general education program, prepares students for success

          Develop skills to move forward in your career and make a difference in the world. 

          Through our Constellation pg真人电子 core curriculum, you'll take a personalized and practical sequence of courses and experiences through which you'll gain the transferable skills employers want most: critical thinking, written communication, intercultural competence, quantitative reasoning, applied knowledge, and the ability to solve complex problems by approaching them from multiple perspectives.

          Learning outside of the classroom is a key element of the pg真人电子 approach to education. You'll complete your degree prepared to demonstrate the value you can bring to your employers and communities as you move forward in life.

          Constellation pg真人电子 features six components that allow you to develop and refine your skills throughout your years at The Valley.

          pg真人电子 students complete formative experiences to develop the necessary skills for success

          Formative Experiences

          Develop the specific skills necessary for success in the 21st century intercultural competence, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking through writing, analytical writing, and knowledge of a second language.

          The Connective Experience at pg真人电子 allows students to view information from a variety of perspectives

          Connective Experience

          Explore a topic reflecting your interests from the perspectives of the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences. Integrate those three perspectives to consider why broad knowledge is necessary to solve the world's most complex problems.

          pg真人电子 students apply their skills in real life situations during immersive experiences

          Immersive Experiences

          Apply your learning in a real-world context, whether through an internship, directing a play, leading a service trip, writing a book, or conducting research alongside a faculty member.

          The Integrative Experience serves as the culmination of Constellation pg真人电子

          Integrative Experience

          Complete an interdisciplinary project that reflects your passions. Reflect on your Constellation journey and prepare to articulate your skills and experience for the next step after pg真人电子, whether that's graduate school or the first job in your career.

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